Special Children Physiotherapy

The physios are probably the best known of the therapists who work with children with special needs. They use exercises to help their patients gain and maintain the best possible use of their bodies. They also try to improve breathing, prevent the development of deformities and stop the deterioration caused by some progressive diseases.

The physiotherapist will assess your child’s problems and teach you exercises to do with him at home. It can also show you ways to manage your child, which will encourage good movement patterns. If he needs to start a good business, ask him to show you how to do it without straining his back. That advice comes from my heart when I hurt my back when I picked up a deeply disabled girl we knew. The result was extremely painful and meant that I could not carry it or anything else for several months.

If your child receives physical therapy at school, try to learn the exercises so that you can continue with them during the holidays. Otherwise, you may lose part of your difficult progress, which will be very disappointing for everyone, especially for him.

There is a variety of ideas among physiotherapists on the best way to treat some conditions, especially cerebral palsy. If you think a different approach would be better for your child, ask your doctor to refer you to a clinic that uses it. Judging by the experience of other parents, you may need to be persistent in your request, since doctors and physiotherapists are understandably resistant to suggestions that someone else can do better than them.

What Our Patient's Say

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