Neurological physiotherapy treatment

All our staff are licensed for physiotherapy. This means that we have achieved a qualification standard approved by the Management Board, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. We are a very practical physiotherapy clinic (manual) using different movements and soft tissue techniques.

Four of our physiotherapists are also qualified for acupuncture, which can be offered as part of physical therapy. We have gym facilities for rehabilitation and all of our rooms have ultrasound and interactive equipment if you need electro-therapy.

We offer the following forms of treatment:

Reciprocal treatment
Soft tissue techniques
Water Rehabilitation Association

Nervous physiotherapy at home in Pakistan
Our physiotherapist comes to you so do not worry about transportation, just save energy for your session. Your physiotherapist can take care of your home or anywhere in Lahore, Pakistan. Neurological physiotherapy programs are designed specifically to meet your needs. After a preliminary assessment, a neurologist will identify a personal program and exercises to reach his goal and help him overcome all the obstacles he encounters in his daily life.

What will you do during your rehabilitation of neural physiotherapy at home in Pakistan?

In each session, you will work on different exercises that focus on muscle stretching or strengthening, balance and sympathetic awareness and control. If necessary, our therapist will assess your course and teach you how to use appropriate aids. It can also help you choose the equipment that best suits your needs and your home.

Nervous physiotherapy also teaches our family members the patient, how they can help, and what exercises they can do.

Depending on your situation, a physiotherapist will identify with you or your family the number of sessions needed per week to get the most effective results.

We will help you recover and improve your quality of life, and most importantly, help you realize your full potential!

For any neurological condition can our neurologist help in Pakistan?
Our neurologist can help you with:

Paralysis of the lower half
Parkinson’s disease
Multiple Sclerosis
muscle atrophy
Brain damage
Spinal Cord Injury
Nerves and brain injuries

What Our Patient's Say

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