Manual therapy

Manual therapy is a “practical” treatment used to treat disorders affecting the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. In Physiogic Physiotherapy Clinic we have a very practical manual therapy for treatment.

The manual treatment used in physiotherapy physiotherapy includes:

Negative mobilization and manipulation of vertebral and peripheral joints.

Muscle Energy Techniques.
Negative stretch of the contractile tissue.
Techniques of Muscle Relaxation Guide.
Mobilization of the nervous system.
Packing therapy can vary from very small-scale movements that you can barely see if the pain therapy you need, with a large capacity, across the range, or the small, powerful capacity, is the end-of-range techniques that aim to improve motion.

Research and experience shows that early treatment of your injury with a smooth movement in the direction of infection helps regulate and align the fibers in the repair process, reducing the production of unwanted adhesions and promoting a return to normal functions.

In long-term conditions, for example, arthritis, we will try to use larger movements to help influence fluid dynamics in tissues, because the validity, health and repair of tissues depend to a large extent on the supply of blood vessels and the lymphatic system.

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